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Take time to enjoy the island’s best: Marianas Coffee.

Chuck and Ann took their Marianas Island coffee beans to the Hyatt Regency, one of the major resorts in the island. When the chefs and general manager tested the fresh, locally toasted-brew, they knew they were drinking a high quality product. Marianas Coffee Co. started in mid-2003 with its “Hyatt Roast”, a blend based on a Vienna roast. Today, the company supplies almost to all of the island’s major hotels. They have created a unique blends of compatible aromas and flavors.

Featured Coffee:

Marianas Coffee Estate - 100 % grown and produced on Saipan, is now on sale exclusively at DJ's corner at the Hyatt Regency Saipan. Read more about this exclusive coffee at the Marianas Variety.

Marianas Coffee Co. travels around the world to find and bring the best green beans. From Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Rwanda and Kenya to find the best varietal character unique to their world region; then hand-roast each batch. Located in Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands, Marianas Coffee Co. has sold high-quality freshly roasted coffee in Saipan since 2004 and in Guam since 2006. We import only the best green coffee beans, and then we hand-roast each batch based on the character unique to each world region. We are also growing Arabica coffee trees on the slopes of Mt. Tapochao, and we expect a full harvest either this year or next. More news about Saipan’s only locally grown & roasted coffee is coming soon.

Our love for coffee has fueled this business from the beginning, and our unique products allow us to share our passion for coffee with the world. We offer a wide variety of blends as well as special blends. For special blends, please contact us. Depending upon availability, we may also provide roast-to-order services upon request. For more about us and our passion for coffee, view the About Us page.

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In the panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and Philippine Sea, with the aroma of the roasting coffee beans, lays Saipan, place of Marianas Coffee Co. The passion of Chuck and Ann Jordan for the coffee, grew bean by bean in fall 2003, where the Jordan’s had bearing coffee plants. Starting with a small roaster, then growing their own coffee beans.

With Marianas Coffee you have the confidence that you will drink a coffee carefully selected and roasted for you by a family that have put a big effort to spoil their customers and make them happy enjoying the best coffee.

“It’s a way of life and enjoyment, experienced by everyone who steps through our doors and plantation by our committed core of repeat customers.”

Chuck & Ann Jordan