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Coffee was grown in the Marianas during the Spanish, German, and Japanese eras; today we are encouraging the local production of coffee beans, while growing our own coffee bushes on the slopes of Mt. Tapochao, with the aim of creating a coffee unique to the Northern Mariana Islands.

As a roast-to-order business, we are happy to work with you to create a unique and special blend, or to prepare any of your favorites just how you like it – lighter, medium, darker, or really dark!

All our coffees are freshly roasted on Saipan, and then sealed with a one-way freshness bag.

Today, the company supplies almost to all of the island’s major hotels. They have created a unique blends of compatible aromas and flavors.

Marianas Coffee Co. travels around the world to find and bring the best green beans. From Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Rwanda and Kenya to find the best varietal character unique to their world region; then hand-roast each batch.

Please Send us an e-mail or call and we will gladly post your links or articles about your Marianas Coffee experiences and reply with a list of stores in your area.

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