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Marianas Coffee Co. facilities are an extension of Chuck and Ann Jordan’s beautiful home in the Pacific Islands. The roasting plant and warehouse, where they store pallets of burlap bags holding coffee beans from around the world with the best quality, take up the entire garage. With Marianas Coffee you have the confidence that you will drink a coffee carefully selected and roasted for you by a family that have put a big effort to spoil their customers and make them happy enjoying the best coffee.

Today, the Marianas Coffee Co. facilities are an extension of Chuck and Ann Jordan’s home in Saipan. The roaster and beans are kept safe in the garage, which is always stocked with pallets of burlap bags bursting with coffee beans from around the world. In essence, the business is an extension of the Jordan family hobby of coffee roasting and we still create each order by hand !And the bean grew up in home...

It all started when the family decided to buy a small 0.5lb roaster and experiment with roasting. We had a great time, and eventually gained confidence with our roasting techniques. Then we took a vacation to Hawaii in 2001 and took a tour of one Kona coffee plantation. Our conclusion was that the climate conditions at Mt. Tapochao, Saipan would be favorable for coffee production. After returning from Kona, we upgraded our 0.5lb coffee roaster to a 5 kilogram industrial model, and bought over two-thousand seedlings of an Arabica Costa Rican “Caturra” type of coffee tree. We planted 1000 trees in the misty green slopes around our home, and continue to raise seedlings for free distribution to local farmers who are willing to try growing them. Now six years have passed since we put the trees in our soil, and this year we hope to take our first full harvest from some one-thousand maturing trees even while we roast & deliver over 30,000lbs of coffee per year for our current vendors.

Coffee sales began when Chuck Jordan took his roasted beans to the Hyatt Regency hotel in 2004. When the chefs and general manager tested the fresh, locally roasted-brew, they knew they were drinking a high quality product. Marianas Coffee Co. was thus created in May ’04 with its inaugural “Hyatt Roast”, a Colombian blend Vienna roast. Today, the company supplies freshly roasted coffee to almost to all of the island’s major hotels and many local vendors. “It’s a way of life and enjoyment for us, and we are happy to share our blends with our repeat vendors and new customers alike,” says company president Chuck Jordan.

Chuck and Ann’s coffee company is expanding day by day. Their distinctive brand is now in most of the popular stores and best coffee shops of the island. Business has growing too good that has increased its production to double in the last year, that means more than 20,000 pounds of coffee beans.

The major company’s business is wholesale. Some companies have found doing good business with Marianas than they have already Marianas as their biggest supplier supporting their brands, giving to their products the signature of high quality and good taste.

Chuck Jordan.